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Join us in a discussion about what works and what doesn’t in your daily choices for healthier living and greater self sufficiency. Share your stories about off grid living or things you are doing to reduce your environmental impact whether you are off grid or not.

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  • Chickenship - (humor)

    Living off grid – well we just had to have chickens right? When I was a kid we had a couple of bantam chickens. They were named Popeye and Oliveoil, or maybe it was Oliveoyle. Anyway we only kept them for their eggs. I’m not sure why we wanted such small eggs. We could have just raided a robin’s nest or two and not had to buy any feed. I still remember those two chickens. When the rooster was after the hen (which was often) she would run into the doghouse and hide behind the dog to get away from Read More
  • Horse Adventures (humor)

    Childhood – When I was a kid I loved to ride horses. Okay, there was this one time I was riding my friend Mikes horse when I was about nine years old and he took me under the apple tree to see if he could scrape me off his back. He couldn’t. I sure showed him! It took me weeks to heal my back, and I had to get a new shirt. Not that it was my only shirt. I had another one. Anyway, that’s what being a kid is all about right? I guess I got better because I Read More
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