This blog site is operated by Ed and Laurie Essex in Wauconda, WA. We created this site to share our experiences as they unfold in our transition from city condo life to off grid living in the mountains of Eastern Washington State.

Join us in a discussion about what works and what doesn’t in your daily choices for healthier living and greater self sufficiency. Share your stories about off grid living or things you are doing to reduce your environmental impact whether you are off grid or not.

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  • Prevent Water Damage

    Unless you live in desert country, water is a pretty big factor in building decisions and techniques. I’m not talking about the water you drink, but rather the water that is sure to rain or snow on your house and property. Roofs – One of the most important features of your home is the quality of roof. Shake, shingle, and metal are the most common types of roofs. There are a few BUR (built up roofs) using some kind of rubber type material or even asphalt mop down roofing, most commonly used on flat roofs. As a commercial builder we Read More
  • Foundation No No

    This blog is about one of the challenges you will face when you start your new home or addition. It’s also about one of the biggest mistakes made by seasoned builders as well as “do it yourselfers”. It has to do with your foundation and what you are going to put it on. We’ve all heard the old cliches about cornerstones and foundations being the most important key to a successful build. I won’t re-hash those here. We all know it to be true. One of the most common mistakes made in foundation work is to putting the foundation on Read More
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